Flab Jab ® helps your body reduce your blood sugar level only when blood sugar is too high and can help prevent weight related conditions due to its power aiding weight loss. It has been reported that the injection will decrease your appetite and reduce portion sizes and snacking.


It was originally licensed in the UK for pre diabetic and diet controlled diabetic patients. It was found that the side effects included decreased appetite and weight loss and is now used for weight loss in the UK.


Recent media write ups claim this to be better than a gastric band! It’s a once a week for 4 weeks jab that is painless and really works!

There are some contraindications for treatment which include: 

  • Type 1 diabetes - insulin dependent

  • Type 2 diabetes - medication controlled 

  • Pregnancy or breast feeding

  • Allergy to semaglutide

  • More than 6 consecutive treatments with Flab Jab ®

  • Thyroid, pancreas, liver or kidney conditions including cancer

  • Multiple Endocrine Neoploasia


If you are a pre diabetic or diet controlled diabetic patient you still maybe suitable for treatment. 


A consultation is needed to determine your suitability which will include a thorough medical history assessment and a body mass index measurement (BMI). It can be prescribed for patients with a BMI of over 27. 


After consultation your Flab Jab will be ordered and will be with you in the following few days (stock level dependent).


You will be prescribed a pen like injection that you would need to inject into your tummy once a week for 4 weeks on the same day/time of the week. Your initial dosage will be 0.5mg and full written instructions will be given to you.


Side Effects

Possible side effects are common in the first few days and will ease off thereafter.


These side effects include but are not limited to:


Nausea, headaches, diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, injection site reactions, increased heart rate, constipation, flatulence, dyspepsia (indigestion), gastritis, acid reflux, dizziness, decreased appetite, taste disturbance.

Long term exposure to any medication increases the risks if serious side effects. Flab Jab ® for weight loss is intended for short term use only (max. 6 months). Maintenance of weight loss should be through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Flab Jab is a short term solution to aid weight loss and prolonged use after 6 months will increase the chances of the following serious side effects:


  • Thyroid tumours including cancer

  • Inflammation of the pancreas (Acute Pancreatitis)


These serious side effects have been noted in Rodents during testing after prolonged use.

If you are concerned about any side effects you may experience contact your prescriber or representative as soon as possible.






















The cost of Flab Jab ® 

0.5mg - £199

1mg - £219

You will always be advised to start with the 0.5mg dosage to avoid any unpleasant side effects. 

The price includes your consultation, Flab Jab ® for 4 weeks with 4 clean needles, continued support and review. 

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